Martina Verhoeven

has been working on the development of her own photographic style for about 20 years, almost parallel to this process Martina took up the electric fretless bass when recording the two criticaly-acclaimed 3 Seconds Of Air albums with Dirk Serries and Paul Van den Berg, both on electric guitar.

As her photography continues to grow, expand and develop, slowly mutating into collages on canvas, so does her approach to music. Switching from electric bass to double bass to piano, she slowly mustered a technique that’s exceptionally hers.

Abstract and organic as her photography and visual art, she’s currently musically active in several projects, including teaming up with several international free improvisers like Colin Webster, John Dikeman, George Hadow, Andrew Lisle, Luis Vicente, Dead Neanderthals, Benedict Taylor and being part of the Tonus Ensemble.

Selective Discography